Great Eateries (Top Restaurants in Our Area)


1418 13th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34205 — My favorite restaurant in the Bradenton located in the historic village of the arts. Tucked away on a quiet street in a home converted into a quaint restaurant, this cozy ambiance gives a dining experience like no other.  Gaetano Cannata, originally from Northern New Jersey, has chosen wisely to make his home in Bradenton.  His amazing talent and passion was passed down to him from his father. Have your taste buds set sail for a trip across the world as Gaetano brings you the most extraordinary and interesting dishes with a French, North African, Sicilian fusion.  This is not your same old traditional faire restaurant. Try the Farsumagru for meat that melts in your mouth or any special Guy is making that day.  A lot of love goes into each bite of food and he can match it to the perfect wine. Save room for dessert – the chocolate pate is a masterpiece.



Hickory Hollow LogoMy favorite BBQ restaurant in the humble town of Ellenton! Hickory Hollow is easy to spot from the road as a giant statue of a pig marks the spot. This restaurant has a laid back country feel that transports you to a better time. Jared is a masterful Chef whose BBQ is like no other created with a white hickory smoke. The pork shanks and ribs fall of the bone – a must try as well as the sugar coated corn fritters. He offers soft shell crab and a true prime rib steak. Not to mention all the other traditional BBQ favorites. This restaurant has an extensive selection of unique beers and spirits to match whatever combination of food you have chosen. Bring your cash since they do not accept plastic here.



El Warike Logo4226 26th St W, Bradenton, FL, 34205 — Just down the Street from our office is a lovely little hole in the wall serving delicious gourmet food. A couple I met the other day recommended this to me and I am so glad that they did. From the moment you walk in you are swept away to the land of Peru. Lovely music sets the stage as the friendly staff seats you. Chef Jorge Corzo cooks up delightful dishes like loma saltado, Churrasco, grilled corvina. The sides are so good you could eat them as a main course fried yucca, plantains and those nuts with the spicy green sauce that I wind up sprinkling on all my food because it is so yummy. Have a sweet refresher as you sip on some passion fruit. If you love Peruvian or never had it before hurry to this restaurant for a taste so unique and tasty that it could only come from the land of the Incas.



Caragiulos Logo

I had the pleasure of stumbling over this Gem of a restaurant the other day when going to lunch in between showings with my sister. I had decided to try them because the showing before lunch was in Sarasota, the menu looked good, they had outdoor dinning area which we needed with my sister’s handsome new addition. As we walked in we were met by a friendly greeter who from the sound of the accent (Northern) I thought that I might be in the right spot. We were seated outside at a very large table which was perfect for us. They had a good sized outdoor dinning area.

The waiter was very friendly and he really knew the menu and helped me pick what to eat. I could tell not only did he know their menu he had eaten the food there and he loved it. I love when I go to restaurant and the staff know their products and have sampled them. There is nothing more disheartening then asking a waiter or waitress what is good or what do you like? and they say “I do not know” or “I have never eaten here.” Either the food is gross or uncleanly or that person has no passion for that type of food or for food in general and in that case should work at a place or a job they do feel passionately about.

Our waiter told me about how he was from New Jersey and loves Vodka sauce himself. He recommended the tortellini braised beef in Alla Vodka sauce. My sister got the Pasta Zasa and a salad. My sister had ordered a Hummus for the baby. We got our bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar which if i am at an Italian Restaurant I want both to come with the bread. The bread was so good I could have just eaten the bread and been happy. It was nice and warm with spices and onions baked into the delicious crust. My sister loved her salad. When I got my Tortellini a smile came across my face. I knew my taste buds were not off or I had not gone crazy and all the other restaurants that had said “oh yeah we make the best Vodka sauce” were full of it or did not know what good Vodka sauce tastes like. That familiar and favorite flavor I grew up with in New York was on my palte again. I was so happy I listened to the waiter and went out on faith after all the horrible Vodka sauces that I have had out here in Florida.

It was excellent the best I have had as of late. It was a great meal with family. My little nephew knocked over the balsamic vinegar but the staff told us not to worry I felt really bad especially because I loved the food so much. They did not mind us lingering at all and made us feel welcome. I loved it so much I came back for lunch the very next day and it was fantastic that day as well!



Sunnyside Cafe

4900 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL, 34234 — What a find I love it. I was introduced to this glorious establishment by a client who became my friend who became family. Who was introduced to this place through her friend. This great little café has a Hungarian twist the owners are Hungarian and many of the staff are as well. I never would have stopped here if it was not for my pseudo mom and I really would have missed out. So the first time we came I got goulash and I ordered a pork lion with potatoes and sweet red cabbage all prepared and seasoned in a Hungarian style. My pseudo mom talked with the wait staff to ensure I got it this way since I was looking forward to Hungarian food and out of all the cuisines I have had Hungarian was not one I was familiar with intimately. Oh how as my pseudo mom calls me a hashi-macko I must have looked like as I shoveled the food down my throat with my mouth watering for the next bite. It was like nothing I had ever had before while being like everything I had before. All the ingredients I was familiar with but prepared in a way that was fresh and exciting. Each bite was packed with flavor. I loved the sweet flavor of the cabbage with the crisp texture it provided and the meat was tender with just the right amount of spice infused. Their desserts are out of this world. Dobos cake was a favorite and the Hungarian trifle is one of the best desserts I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I keep coming back for the great food and company.