Best Practices for Home Safety

Best Practices for Home Safety, Long-Term Home Value, and Cost Savings

In this day and age the fewer recurring monthly payments you have the more money you can keep in your pocket.  I look for anyway I can to eliminate that drain on the finances.  For example, why go to the gym and pay $60 bucks when I can invest that in buying the equipment outright.

Homeowner Insurance Discounts

Homeowners are required to pay homeowners insurance if they have a mortgage, but there are ways to cut costs with this expense. If the home is well maintained you will receive discounts on the cost.  The 4 point inspection and wind mitigation assign certain credits on your policy based on these inspections.  After you purchase a home you can help reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance by improvements that make your home safer.

One of the first things Homeowners can put a little money into that will help their insurance premium go down and make their home safer is Wind and Disaster Mitigation.  These include: hurricane doors, window shutters and reinforced garage doors.  In Florida these are great features for your peace of mind, bring down your premium and save you money in the long run when disaster strikes.

Home Safety Options

Another feature that a lot of homeowners want to help make their home safer is an alarm system.   For those of you that only live in Florida during the winter months this is almost a necessity in today’s day and age.   This can alert you of fire or a break in and helps deter burglars.

An internal sprinkler system is another modification to make your home safer.  Make sure each head is set off only by high temperatures and not smoke so you do not accidentally saturate your home for no reason.  Consider if you want heads in just the major living spaces such as living rooms or if you want them even in areas like closets.

Some features you purchase that save money on insurance will take a rather long time to recoup the out lay, but if you are going to be there for a while they are worth it and also are great selling points.  Sometimes you will need to have another wind mitigation inspection to get  credit or for an alarm  system you may need a certificate so talk to your local  insurance agent today about  what you can do to make your home safer while helping you  safe money.

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